Under A Sky Full of Stars

Under a sky full of stars, on a perfect Indian summer evening in October, Jack and Josh promised their hearts to one another in front of all of their loved ones. But before that, in the moment that this photo captured, Jack stood at the top of the balcony, looked at Josh on the balcony across from him, and took in the sight of all of those loved ones gathered below. 

There were so many special moments during the ceremony, but my most favorite moment was the marriage license. Just look at the two of them! The crowd went wild with applause and tears.

Choosing a wine themed wedding was something they knew they wanted. Not only do Jack and Josh love wine, it also plays an important role many of their relationship milestones and memories.  Colors and thoughtful touches like their wine cork table assignment display, tables named after wineries and a description of how that winery is noteworthy in the story of Jack & Josh, created a unified look and feel.